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Date Found: January 14, 2006


Estimated Age: Years Old


On January 14, 2006 an unidentified male was found deceased in North Charleston, South Carolina. The male was found inside a minivan that was parked at a rest area along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 26. He had only been deceased a few hours before he was found. The male is estimated to be 18-30 years old. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He stood approximately 5’1” tall and weighed around 117 pounds. An abdominal scar was present that was consistent with the male having a prior appendectomy. The male was found clothed wearing black jeans, a short-sleeved multicolored striped polo shirt with a long-sleeve maroon plaid button up shirt on top. A Mexican voter registration card with the name “Gustavo Rosas Hernandez” was found with the male but it is unknown if it belonged to him or not. The image above is a facial reconstruction created by a NCMEC Forensic Artist and depicts what the male may have looked like in life.

Charleston County Coroner’s Office


NCMEC: 1265774