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Hope is why we’re here.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children cultivates dynamic corporate partnerships that provide vital financial, in-kind and programmatic support to our organization. Corporate partner collaboration is critical to the mission of finding missing children, reducing child sexual exploitation, and preventing future victimization.


With significant contributions at the highest level, corporate partners at the Protector level demonstrate a generous annual commitment to NCMEC’s cause through financial and in-kind support, as well as on-going efforts to elevate the mission of keeping children safe. 

Since 2007, Adobe has partnered with NCMEC to leverage computer technology to keep children safer. By donating essential software tools and technological support in addition to funding important prevention education programs like NetSmartz, Adobe has enabled NCMEC to analyze images, create educational content, and improve web content and functionality like never before.

Through the company’s partnership with NCMEC, Airbnb is working to mitigate the risk associated with traveling by building a safe and trusted environment for both hosts and guests. There have been more than 300 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings to date and negative incidents are extremely rare. This is in part due to the company’s continual focus on keeping the Airbnb community safe and secure, both online and offline.

For over 10 years, Disney has partnered with NCMEC to maintain a fun and safe online entertainment experience for children. The collaborative “Teaching Digital Citizenship” program arms educators, law enforcement officers and others with the tools they need to teach Internet safety to children ages 5 – 17. Disney’s continued support allows NCMEC to further critical initiatives in child safety and prevention.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) serves as the voice and advocate for the U.S. video gaming industry. ESA’s members include the leading companies that produce video games and devices for game play. As part of its mission to expand and protect the dynamic marketplace for video games, ESA is proud to partner with NCMEC to support efforts to make video gaming safe for everyone.

Since 2011, Facebook has worked closely with NCMEC to combat online child sexual exploitation. By participating in voluntary NCMEC industry initiatives, Facebook is proactive in detecting child pornography on its system and working to prevent continued victimization. Considered a technology leader, Facebook remains on the cutting-edge by developing tools to protect children and sharing best practices with other online companies.

As a member of the Technology Coalition and Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography, Google is able to fight online child pornography and help NCMEC better serve its mission through Google Grants for Adwords products and donated software like Google Earth Pro.  These services, along with the incorporation of AMBER Alerts into its Public Alerts Platform, have greatly enhanced NCMEC’s ability to efficiently work to help search for missing and exploited children. Additionally, its commitment to making the internet a safer place for all is demonstrated by its Family Safety Center, where you can learn more about family safety basics and keeping data secure.

Kohl’s has been a partner of NCMEC since 2013. Kohl’s leadership and employees have been a staple in providing volunteer time and resources to promote NCMEC’s brand and prevention messaging. Their corporate motto of, “To inspire and empower families to lead fulfilled lives,” has resonated through all of the 1158 stores throughout the United States in their support of NCMEC.  In addition to their commitment to child safety, Kohl’s also proudly carries NCMEC’s #Hope merchandise in select stores and on their website, www.kohls.com.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions  has been a proud sponsor of NCMEC since 1999. Its support has included sponsoring various events including the annual Heroes’ and Hope Awards, a Youth Sports Safety Summit: “Safe to Compete”, the Long-Term Missing Children Summit, and the creation and management of the ADAM program which has assisted in the recovery of missing children since 2000. 

As an advocate for child safety, Lifetouch® is NCMEC’s official provider of Child ID cards, the SmileSafe Kids card. Lifetouch understands that a current photo is one of the single most important resources in the recovery of a missing child. They staff a 24/7 rapid response team to provide current photos of missing children to NCMEC. This team has assisted with more than 2,400 searches, with SmileSafe Kids cards being credited in the recovery of children in 25 states.

Motorola Solutions has been a valued partner since 2011, supporting NCMEC’s professional education program which provides training, technical assistance, and resources to law enforcement personnel and others who investigate crimes against children.  Through this program, NCMEC has been able to train over 365,000 professionals on critical issues pertaining to missing and exploited children.

The National Crime Agency supports our effort to combat the sexual exploitation of children, with an emphasis on CyberTipline reports involving the United Kingdom.  Through their work, the NCA coordinates the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), which is tasked to work both nationally and internationally to bring online child sex offenders, including those involved in the production, distribution and viewing of child abuse material, to the UK courts. 

The Oak Foundation is committed to eradicating global child sexual abuse material, helping to recover victims and supporting the survivor and empowerment path for victims. Thanks to its generous support, NCMEC is developing new tools with enhanced capabilities that will add value to reports of child sexual abuse material and will ensure child victim identification efforts continue to modernize globally. 

Old Navy and NCMEC have been partnering since 2010, raising awareness about safety as well as vital funds for NCMEC. Through this partnership, Old Navy offers important child safety information and free Child IDs in its fun, family friendly stores. Old Navy's work inspires families to be more safety conscious, understand the risks their kids might face, and recognize the steps they can take to help avoid those risks. Old Navy has also adopted NCMEC's Code Adam program, a protocol for store associates to follow if a child should become missing when in their facility.

Pokémon’s work with NCMEC stems from a shared belief that all children have the right to be safe at play. Pokémon has provided generous financial support to critical prevention programming and other NCMEC initiatives that help make the world a safer place for children. 

Ring’s mission is to help make neighborhoods safer. Together, NCMEC and Ring work to increase awareness of missing children and leverage the power of neighborhood communities to help reunite missing children with their families. NCMEC missing child posters are featured directly on the Neighbors App by Ring to reach millions of engaged community members who can help bring more children home. Ring also donates funds to support NCMEC’s geo-targeting efforts on Facebook to reach users who may have valuable information to aid the search for a missing child. 

Tik Tok is committed to developing policies and tools that make the popular video-sharing platform safe for its users. In partnership with NCMEC, Tik Tok is working collaboratively to leverage technology and NCMEC’s child protection information to improve and enhance child safety online.

Partnering since 1985, Valassis is NCMEC’s longest standing photo partner. The “Have You Seen Me?” program has produced powerful and profound results in NCMEC’s efforts to find missing children. In addition, Valassis employees hold fundraisers throughout the year to support NCMEC.

Verizon has long worked closely with NCMEC to help fight online child exploitation. In addition to its financial contributions, Verizon supports NCMEC’s mission by donating online advertising across its owned and operated digital media properties. Learn more about Verizon’s digital safety initiatives at verizon.com.

The Yubo social network connects millions of young people around the world to make friends every day.  NCMEC and Yubo collaborate on leveraging technology and NCMEC’s child protection information to reduce risk to young people, improve their digital awareness and increase their online safety skills. Yubo’s commitment to online safety is further exemplified by the company’s ongoing efforts to remove child sexual abuse material from the internet.


Corporate partners at the Guardian level come from a variety of industries and have a substantial impact on NCMEC’s work. Through their financial and in-kind support, NCMEC is able to provide vital resources in communities. 

American Airlines and NCMEC have been partnering since  2008.  Every day, more than half a million people depend on American Airlines to take them to the moments that matter most in their lives and they believe in putting their extensive resources to good use by contributing to the communities they touch. American Airlines has a dedicated staff and generously donates mileage to assist NCMEC with reunification of families in need.  

The Australian Federal Police supports NCMEC in combatting the sexual exploitation of children, with an emphasis on CyberTipline reports involving Australia. Through their work, the AFP coordinates the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCE), which provides a consistent, holistic and coordinated response to counter the online exploitation of children.

Since 2018, May Riegler has partnered with NCMEC supporting its mission of providing services and assistance to families, law enforcement, and child-serving professionals on missing and exploited children issues. Its support includes sponsorship of the Heroes’ Awards and Rock the Block in addition to employee giving campaigns benefitting the center’s work to keep children safe.

Cellebrite has been a partner of NCMEC since 2017.  As the global leader in the digital intelligence market with a passion for technology innovation and keeping communities safe, Cellebrite provides law enforcement, military and intelligence, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of solutions that encompass digital forensics, extraction, and analytics. Their products support NCMEC and investigative teams – from forensic examiners and analysts in the lab to investigators and first responders in the field, to the prosecutors building strong defensible cases, and agency management optimizing investigative resources.

Cyan Forensics is committed to working toward a world where there is no place that harmful digital content can be easily hidden or shared. Partnering with NCMEC since 2019, Cyan Forensics deliver tools that allow police to find evidence faster, thereby speeding up investigations into indecent images of children and improving safety for all. 

With over 91 million monthly users and 3.9 million registered drivers, Uber is one of the world’s premiere ride sharing services. Their commitment to trust is demonstrated by innovative safety features and clear guidelines for respectful and positive experiences. Through their partnership, Uber generously donates rides to assist with NCMEC’s mission to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization.

Zoom, a leader in modern enterprise video communications, has been a valued partner of NCMEC since 2018. The company’s support includes sponsorship of the annual Heroes’ Awards and Hope Awards, in addition to corporate giving to support some of NCMEC’s key programs. 


Ally level supporters are critical to the work in finding missing children, reducing child sexual exploitation and preventing child victimization.


The charitable contributions of partners at the Supporter level help provide hope to those who need it most.