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Date Found: August 15, 2016

Location Found: WHEATON, IL, US

Estimated Age: Infant Years Old


On August 15, 2016 landscapers observed a black backpack lying along a private drive off Plamondon Road in Wheaton, Illinois. A deceased baby girl infant was found inside the backpack. It’s estimated the infant had been deceased less than 24 hours. Forensic testing suggests she was Hispanic. Authorities identified a medication in her blood that treats epileptic seizures or different mood disorders in adults. It is believed that the infant’s mother was taking this medication during pregnancy. The level detected was a standard prescribed amount. Inside the backpack authorities also found a red bath towel, a brown bathmat and matching brown toilet seat cover. Pollen testing of the evidence suggest that the items spent a significant amount of time in an urban area of Northern Illinois and possibly originated in the Southwest United States before coming to Illinois. The images featured are of the items discovered with the infant.

Extra Photos

DuPage County Sheriff’s Office (Illinois)


NCMEC: 1312657