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Date Found: September 17, 2016

Location Found: MADISONVILLE, TX, US

Estimated Age: 2-6 Years Old


On September 17, 2016 the skeletal remains of a small child were found in a pasture just off of Interstate 45 in Madisonville, Texas. The remains were found inside three garbage bags that had been placed inside a zippered suitcase. It is suspected the child had been deceased between 3 and 5 months. The decedent is believed to be a Native American, Caucasian or Hispanic female between 2 and 6 years of age. She had long, thick, dark hair that came to just past her shoulders. She was found wearing a pink dress (size 4T' "Mon Petit" brand) with embroidered butterflies and the words "Follow Your Dreams" and a size 4 diaper ("Parent's Choice" brand). The little girl's remains suggested she had micrognathia, a condition where her lower jaw appeared small, which may have affected her ability to eat on her own. She was found with a feeding tube and would have required medical care during her life. Pollen analysis has suggested that the child may have been from or spent time in the southwest United States, specifically Southeast Arizona, or in the adjacent areas of Mexico. The featured reconstruction is an artist’s rendering of what the Jane Doe may have looked like.

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Madison County Sheriff’s Office 936-348-2755 or Dallas County Medical Examiner Office


NCMEC: 1291323