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John Mount Pleasant Doe2006

NCIC# Not Entered , NamUs# 8421

Date Found: August 20, 2006

Location Found: MOUNT PLEASANT, SC, US

Estimated Age: 14-19 Years Old


On August 20, 2006 a skull was recovered by fisherman in the Wando River in Charleston County, South Carolina. The skull was found under the Wando Bridge. It’s estimated that the male had been deceased for several years before being found. He is estimated to be 14-19 years old. An anthropological assessment determined the child is of mixed ancestry, showing both black and white traits. Only the cranium was recovered, no other bones including the mandible have been found. The image shown is a facial reconstruction completed by a NCMEC Forensic Artist and depicts what the male may have looked like in life. While the mandible was not recovered, the artist was able to utilize a suitable match to complete the reconstruction. The lower half of his mouth down to his chin is an approximation by the artist.

Extra Photos

Charleston County Coroner’s Office (South Carolina)


NCMEC: 1265773