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Jane Lake panasoffkee Doe1971

NCIC# U276515052 , NamUs# 6040

Date Found: February 19, 1971

Location Found: Lake Panasoffkee, FL

Estimated Age: 17-24 Years Old


This unidentified female was found on February 19, 1971 in Sumter County, Florida. She was found in the water under the Lake Panasoffkee Bridge along Interstate 75. It is estimated that she had been deceased for several weeks. The Jane Doe was 17-25 years old at the time of her death. She stood between 5'00"-5'05" tall and weighed about 110-120 pounds. She had long straight brown hair. She was found wearing plaid green pants, a matching green shirt and a shawl with a green and white print. She also wore a gold ladies Baylor wrist watch and a yellow gold ring with a clear stone on her left ring finger. She also wore a thin gold chain necklace. An anthropological exam of her bones revealed that she had an orthopedic surgery to her right ankle, most likely within a few years prior to her death. Additionally, periostitis was found on her lower right leg in the process of healing. This might have caused her some pain or discomfort. A dental examination of her teeth revealed that she had extensive dental work completed. She had several fillings and a porcelain crown on one of her top middle teeth. Forensic testing of her teeth and hair determined that this female was a foreigner that arrived in the United States from between a year and 2 months before her death. The analysis determined that this female is likely from southern Europe, possibly Greece. The above images were completed by the Forensic Anthropology Department at the University of South Florida. One is a facial reconstruction of what the female may have looked like in life. The second is a composite of the clothing she was found wearing.

Extra Photos

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) 1-352-569-1600

NCMEC: 1202391