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John Saint Louis Doe 1992

NCIC# U810004706 , NamUs# 7385

Date Found: March 7, 1992

Location Found: St. Louis, MO

Estimated Age: 15-35 Years Old


On March 7, 1992 an unidentified male was found in a vacant building in downtown St. Louis. It is estimated that he had been deceased for over a year prior to being found. The male was between 15-35 years old. He stood between 5'07"-5'09" tall. He had straight brown or blond hair about 2 inches in length. There was a healed fracture to his right forearm suggesting he sustained an injury earlier in life. The John Doe’s teeth were in good condition with four fillings in his back molars. The above images were completed by a NCMEC Forensic Artist and are of a reconstruction of what the unidentified male may have looked like in life.

Extra Photos

St Louis Metropolitan Police Department (Missouri) (314)444-5371 / St. Louis Medical Examiner's Office (314)622-4971

NCMEC: 1107687