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Jane Irondequoit Doe 1988

NCIC# U340558028 , NamUs# 2607

Date Found: July 31, 1988

Location Found: Irondequoit, NY

Estimated Age: 15-19 Years Old


An unidentified female was found in Irondequoit, New York on July 31, 1988. Her skeletal remains were found buried in a small knoll, located in a residential neighborhood that overlooks Irondequoit Bay in Monroe County. It is estimated that she had been buried for a significant amount of time and could have been deceased for up to 30 years prior to being found. The female is 15-19 years old. She stood around 5’01” tall with a height range of 4’10”-5’05” tall. A forensic anthropologist examined the body and found no signs of prior trauma or injury. The female did have unique dental work with several gold foil fillings. The images above is a facial reconstruction created by a NCMEC Forensic Artist that depicts what the female may have looked like in life.

Extra Photos

Irondequoit Police Department (New York) 1-585-336-6000 and Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office (New York) 1-585-753-5905

NCMEC: 1106805