Annual Report
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A Message from the CEO

Dear Friend,

This year, we’ve been facing one of the biggest challenges in our 35-year history, and I want to thank you for standing by our side as we work to protect our country’s most valuable resource – our kids. In response to growing concerns about online data security, many technology companies are adopting a strategy called end-to-end encryption that could have dire consequences for millions of children being sexually abused and having horrific images of their abuse shared online.

We’ve received more than 61 million reports since 1998 to our CyberTipline of suspected child sexual abuse material, online enticement, child sex trafficking, child sexual molestation and other crimes, including more than 16.9 million reports this year alone. With end-to-end encryption, we estimate more than half of these reports would simply vanish, never making it into the hands of law enforcement.

End-to-end encryption would provide data security but, in the process, also prevent technology companies or any third party from detecting sexual abuse of children occurring on their platforms. Access to information about these crimes through our CyberTipline is often the only way for law enforcement to know they’re happening and rescue the children.

This passionate privacy debate has awakened the nation to what we see at NCMEC everyday: an explosion in child sexual exploitation on the internet. The Justice Department held a summit this year on the issue, new laws are being debated and survivors have added their voices.

Just as it has developed innovative ways to help sexually exploited and missing children, we’re calling on the technology industry to implement solutions that enhance consumer privacy while prioritizing child safety. 

Every day, I attend meetings with my staff to discuss issues like end-to-end encryption and its impact on our children’s safety. I’m grateful for your support because it allows us to speak up for children and to fight to make sure our country is a safer place for them to learn, play and grow.


John F. Clark 
President and CEO

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


Finding Missing Children

Assisted in


missing children cases



posters of missing children

Team Adam assisted in


critical or long-term
missing child cases

Reduce Exploitation


16.9 million

reports to
our CyberTipline


69.1 million

files of suspected child abuse imagery for review



requests to locate
sex offenders

Prevent Victimization



child sex
trafficking reports

Worked with law enforcement partners
to confirm


attempted abductions



new professionals for
our family advocacy outreach network




in-person events

Distributed over


prevention resources


Year ended December 31, 2019 Without Donor Restrictions With Donor Restrictions Total
Revenue and Other Support      
Government contracts and grants $35,730,478 $ — $35,730,478
Contributions 10,561,336 1,460,032 12,021,368
Special events, net of direct benefit costs of $1,207,085 1,967,667 1,967,667
Investment loss 4,635,459 4,635,459
Other income 201,987 201,987
Change in value of unitrust agreement 4,473 4,473
Net assets released from restrictions:
   Satisfaction of program restrictions 1,228,369 -1,228,369
   Satisfaction of time restrictions 539,583 -539,583
Total Revenue and Support 54,864,879 -303,447 54,561,432
Operating Expenses      
Program services:      
   Community outreach 5,922,449 5,922,449
   Missing child case management 14,587,611 14,587,611
   Information and case analysis 11,566,837 11,566,837
   Training 998,303 998,303
   Exploited child case management 10,962,075 10,962,075
Total Program Services 44,037,275 44,037,275
Supporting Services:      
   Management and general 1,116,210 1,116,210
   Fundraising 3,635,874 3,635,874
Total Supporting Services 4,752,084 4,752,084
Total Operating Expenses 48,789,359 48,789,359
Change in Net Assets from Operations 6,075,520 -303,447 5,772,073
Non-Operating Expense      
   Change in post employment benefit liability -215,327 -215,327
Total Change in Net Assets 5,860,193 -303,447 5,556,746
Net Assets, beginning of year 38,770,271 1,554,014 40,324,285
Net Assets, end of year $44,630,464 $1,250,567 $45,881,031

Only 9.74% of expenses are spent on Fundraising, Management and General Expenses. NCMEC's commitment to transparency and financial accountability has earned it Charity Navigator's highest 4 Star rating.

2019 Board of Directors

Board Chair
The Honorable Karen Tandy
Public Policy Executive



Pennie Abramson


John W. Arnos Sr.
Canon U.S.A., Inc.


Michael Breslin
LexisNexis Special Services, Inc.


Robbie Callaway†
FirstPIC, Inc.


Manus Cooney†
American Continental Group


Sharon Cooper, M.D.
Developmental & Forensic Pediatrics, PA


Antigone Davis
Facebook, Inc.


Lisa Davis

Revé Walsh
Co-Founder, NCMEC

The Honorable Dennis DeConcini  

U.S. Senator (Retired)


Matthew Foosaner
Spectrum Enterprise


Vincent P. Giuliano
Marketing Expert


Andre Hollis
Tiger International Advisors


Richard Kolodziej 
Zenergy Advisors


Meghan Latcovich
The McCain Institute


Don McGowan
Pokémon Company


Tim Murphy


Chris Nelson
Old Navy



† Previous Board Chair

Jon Grosso
Kohl's, Inc.



John Penn II


Leonard Pfeiffer IV
Leonard Pfeiffer & Company

Kristi Remington
West Front Strategies LLC

Steve Salem
Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation


Susannah Schaefer
Charles B. Wang Foundation


The Honorable Regina Schofield
Battelle Education


Emily Vacher


John Walsh
Co-Founder, NCMEC


Patty Wetterling 
Child Advocate