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Fecha encontrado: 14 de febrero de 1978

Donde encontrado : Otay, CA

Edad estimada: 14-18 años de edad


On February 14, 1978, the remains of an unidentified female were found next to the pavement of Proctor Valley Road in the rural area of Otay, San Diego County, California. Based on the condition of the remains, it is believed the decedent had been deceased for approximately 2 days. The decedent was found wearing a white halter top with a blue flower pattern, and blue denim overalls. The decedent had extensive dental work completed, including a root canal on the lower front right incisor, which was also cracked in half. She had brown hair of shoulder length that was styled in a ponytail and tied with a rubber band. The decedent had pierced ears, and her right ear was malformed and slightly smaller than her left ear. She is believed to have had brown eyes. The reconstructions featured above are an artist’s rendering of what the Jane Doe may have looked like. Anyone with information should contact the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, reference case number 78-338 or the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office, reference case number 543957.

Fotos adicionales

San Diego Medical Examiner’s Office: 858-694-2905 San Diego County Sheriff’s Office: 858-974-2457

NCMEC: 1184501