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Resources for Parents, Educators & Communities


Internet Safety: Parents, Guardians & Community

NEW: K-12 Google Slides by Topic


Our resources for educators offer multiple ways to engage students, parents and communities in important lessons in digital citizenship and online safety. 

Empower your students to be safer online with our free collection of teaching materials for families and students in grades K-12.  NetSmartz can help you create a dynamic and engaging Internet safety curriculum.

PowerPoint Presentations

NetSmartz offers free, multimedia internet safety presentations tailored for specific audiences — parents and communities, teens, tweens, and younger children. Our innovative presentations make use of online resources, videos, and expert tips to educate, engage, and empower children and adults to be safer on and offline.​

The presentations below are categorized by age of the intended target audience. However, we strongly encourage presenters to review the PowerPoint presentations before deciding which one to use and to consult with the hosts of your presentation (e.g. administration and/or support staff if presenting at a school) to select the most appropriate presentation for your audience. Depending on your audience’s previous exposure to internet safety and related topics, you may need to deviate from the age guidelines given below to find the most relevant information and format. Contact us at with questions or for assistance.

For useful tips and recommended strategies for planning and delivering child safety presentations, be sure to check out the free trainings available on NCMEC Connect!

K-12 Google Slides by Topic
Internet Safety: Parents, Guardians & Community
Advanced Online Safety: High School (9-12)
Online Safety: Middle School (6-8)
Teaching Modern Safety with "Into the Cloud" Season 1
Teaching Modern Safety with "Into the Cloud" Season 2
Be Safer Online with NetSmartz: Grades K-2
Being a Good Digital Citizen: Grades 3-5

Tip Sheets

Written for tweens, teens, parents, educators, and law enforcement, these tip sheets offer guidance on navigating digital safety.​

Being a Trusted Adult
Internet Safety at Home
Sextortion: What Parents Should Know
So You Need Some Help...
Who is a "Trusted Adult"?
"Your Photo Fate" Video Discussion Guide
Cyberbullying Unplugged
How Do You Use Your NetSmartz? Tips for Teens
Parents' Guide to Smartphone Safety
Protecting Your Kids Online 2.0
Social Media Safety for Teens
Talking to Teens About Sexting
Think Before You Send
Your NetSmartz: Tips for Tweens
You Sent a Sext, Now What?

Classroom Activities

Additional material for the classroom, tailored for project-based learning and children with special needs.

Film Discussion Guide: What is Sextortion?
Film Discussion Guide: The Story of S.M.
Film Discussion Guide: The Story of H.M.
Peer Education & Mentoring Kit
Middle/High School Student Project Kit
Safety Pledges Using SymbolStix
Safety Stories
E-book: Delivery for Webster
E-book: The Princess's Password
E-book: Webster's Gecko Goof


Free online, on-demand trainings related to prevention education are available via NCMEC's online training portal, NCMEC Connect. View webinars, recorded live sessions, resources and best practices covering online exploitation, tips for teaching online safety, parent/guardian specific topics, and more!