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Abducted Baby Case Gets New Help: Can First Ever Image Bring Juan Tristan Home?


Juan Tristan was just seven weeks old when he was abducted from a Los Angeles Park. Today, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) released a brand new image of Juan to help find him. His mother, Christina Torres, says she didn’t have a picture of her baby when he was stolen from her in 1987, after she left him in the care of an acquaintance. Using photos of Juan’s family members as a reference, forensic artists at NCMEC were able to create the first ever image of what Juan might look like now at age 36.

Here more from Juan Tristan’s mother, Christina Torres.

“It’s tough to imagine everything Juan’s mother has been through, searching for her son. And then, even more heartbreaking to know that she doesn’t even have a picture of him,” said Angeline Hartmann, director of communications at NCMEC. “This new image could finally lead to answers so we’re asking everyone to please, take a moment and focus on this face. Do you know someone who looks like this? Juan Tristan likely has no idea about his real identity.”

Juan was born on June 23, 1987, at Southern California Medical Center. In August of 1987, Christina said she was going through hard times and living with Juan at the Senator Hotel at 726 S. Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles.

On the morning of August 2, Christina said she was excited about a job interview and left Juan in the care of a woman named “Maria.” Christina said the plan was to meet “Maria” later that afternoon in Pershing Park Square located at 532 S. Olive Street. It was just three blocks from the hotel.

When Christina later showed up at the meeting spot, no one was there. Christina said she waited 24 hours, hoping the woman would return her son. When that didn't happen, Christina called the police. Investigators never found seven-week-old Juan, and NCMEC infant abduction experts say “Maria” likely stole Juan to raise him as her own or gave him to another woman who wanted a baby for herself.

In the weeks following, Christina said there were neighborhood rumors that “Maria’s” real name was Teresa Anderson.

“Maria,” also known as Teresa Anderson, is described by Christina as a Caucasian female with reddish-blond hair, standing about 5’4” tall and weighing between 148 and 160 pounds. According to Christina, additional information was discovered, linking “Maria” to the Chico Lomas gang.

The Los Angeles Police Department is actively working on Juan Tristan’s case, but so far leads have turned up nothing. NCMEC child abduction experts say it's possible that Juan Tristan is now a grown man with no idea that he was abducted as a baby. This new age progression could hold the key to solving this decades-old case. If you have any information, please call NCMEC 1-800- THE- LOST (1-800-843-5678).

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