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Disaster Preparedness: Have Family Emergency Plans


With hurricane season in full swing, now is the right time to think about a plan should your family be affected by a natural disaster.

At NCMEC, we know that children who become separated from their loved ones during and following a disaster are at an increased risk of trauma. In 2005, during Hurricane Katrina, NCMEC handled 34,045 calls and helped resolve the 5,192 missing children cases reported to NCMEC.

Because of these efforts, Congress later mandated the establishment of the National Emergency Child Locator Center (NECLC), which NCMEC operates during Presidentially-declared disasters at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

It’s vital that you plan ahead in case you ever need to evacuate your home. Download NCMEC’s free Family Emergency Playbook, available in both English and Spanish, to help you get organized.

tips for families in disaster or disasters

There are helpful tips for all family members and help give you, as parents, peace of mind. It’s a great, practical step in preparing your family for any type of emergency situation.

What would you do if your family was separated during a natural disaster? What if phone lines were down? What if the internet wasn’t working?

Check out the tips below for creating your emergency plan. Visit for more ideas and information.

Disaster preparedness infographic
Disaster preparedness infographic
Disaster preparedness infographic

Be sure to update your evacuation plans regularly. Check with your family and friends about their safety and comfort levels in terms of where you will evacuate. NCMEC has a helpful video to walk you through the steps. And remember, if you’re ever separated from you child during a disaster, call NCMEC immediately at 1-800-THE-LOST.

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