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Partner Spotlight: Old Navy


Old Navy has partnered with NCMEC for nearly a decade and every year, Old Navy stores across the country shine the spotlight on child safety. Employees in their more than 1,000 locations put on a fun, interactive kids’ safety event to help NCMEC share potentially life-saving safety tips with families nationwide. We asked Old Navy to tell us what inspired them to join NCMEC’s mission. Meet Old Navy’s own Chris Nelson and Jacob Myers:

old navy execs

When did you first get involved with NCMEC and what made you personally want to get involved?

Chris: Several years back, we at Old Navy were looking for a partner in our Kids Safety event.  As we got to know the Center and particularly its team- we quickly realized that they were the perfect partner and represented tremendous competence, compassion, and a caring spirit for parents in their most desperate moments.  Knowing that our partnership helped kids in need, and their parents, is one of the absolute highlights of my career.

Jacob: My personal involvement started as early as learning about the Adam Walsh incident. As a father of three, I often reflect on how John and the Walsh family remain bonded in their mission to keep kids safer. To challenge status quo and fight for the needs of our children has always been an inspiration to me. At Old Navy, we work every day towards keeping our stores safer to work and shop. So, it just made sense to bring two amazing organizations together to keep kids safer. 7 years later – we stand together!  

How did you hear about NCMEC?

Chris: I was aware of them due to my time in Military Law Enforcement. As our dialog started, and I saw not only the investigative side, but the prevention and outreach side- I was hooked!

Jacob: From a cold call to NCMEC, to a lightning fast call back from Marita Rodriguez. Within hours, we established the framework of how we wanted to march onward together. 

Why should someone support NCMEC’s mission?

Chris: I often tell my business partners that, “nothing is more important to our customer than the safety and well-being of her children.”  I know this because I am a parent.  NCMEC provides the single most effective, comprehensive, and hopeful organization to parents and kids in dire need.

Jacob: In today’s environment, it’s quite difficult to pick just one cause to support. How can you? However, what I often tell my colleagues, friends and family, is that our children are the future and we have to do all we can to keep them safe. What I’ve learned throughout the many years we have been focused here, is that not everyone knows how or what to teach as it relates to child safety. It’s not that easy and it’s ever evolving. When something bad happens, you want an expert. NCMEC is just that! 

How is NCMEC making a difference for children?

Chris: They are there when no one else is, they are there when no one else can be, they are there forever when no one else can be. They are there.

Jacob: I often refer to NCMEC as the people you never want to call, but if you had to, they’re the only ones you would want to call. Without those at NCMEC, and all that support what they stand for, our children are at risk. They keep kids safer!

What has your involvement with and support of NCMEC meant to you?

Chris: It is an overwhelming source of pride for me, my team, and or entire business. Our Founder, Don Fisher, taught us to “Do more than sell clothes.” This exemplifies the power of our organization to do just that. That is one of the main reasons I will be here as long as GAP Inc. will allow!

Jacob: To come to work and know you make a difference inside and outside of the company is what it’s all about. The NCMEC partnership is one that drives me to be a better leader. There is always room to be better. Helping the center achieve their mission, is a personal & professional goal. 

How do employees feel about playing such a big part?

Chris: Pride comes to mind. Helping those around us in need is part of our DNA and that is heightened when we talk about children. We are a business that serves families and this effort fits us to a tee!

Jacob: Our annual partnership is something our employees, external partners and customers look forward to every year. This event is a TEAM SPORT. Not only does it help NCMEC achieve their goals but it allows families to be safer. Add Old Navy’s fun and competitive nature to be better each year, it’s a perfect mix to achieve something very special.


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