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Tips for Tweens


Tips for tweens to stay safer online.


Don't be mean.

Gossiping doesn't make you cool.


Ignore, Block, Tell.

Ignore mean or threatening messages, block the sender, and tell a trusted adult who can help you report them.


Speak up.

If your friends are cyberbullying someone, speak up!


Sharing Too Much

Avoid TMI.

DOn't post anything too personal or embarassing.


Protect your Space.

Use privacy settings and don't accept just anyone as a friend.



Online Predators

Recognize the difference between cute and creepy.

An older guy who wants to "date" someone much younger is just creepy.


Don't just sit there, REPORT!

Report anyone who asks to meet you in person to the police and


Trusted Adults

Talk to your parents or guardians.

Talk to them about what's going on online. They're not as bad as you think!



Tips for tweens tip sheet

Visit for more on digital safety issues. There you'll find helpful videos, printable tip sheets, presentations, and other activities

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