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How Do You Use Your NetSmartz?


Yes, you're a digital native, but are you using your NetSmartz while online?


Avoid Gossip: Everyone’s bound to get a little excited by those oh-so-dramatic school scandals, but that doesn’t mean you have to text the latest rumor to everyone you know.

Don't Feed the Cyberbullies: Block the sender and report the user to the website or app where the bullying is taking place.

Bystanders are Guilty, Too:  If your friends are cyberbullying someone and you stay silent, you're just as guilty as they are. Speak up and keep your friends in check.

Online Predators

Recognize the Difference Between Cute and Creepy: Think about it – an older guy who wants to date someone younger is just creepy. It’s not flattering; it’s illegal! So don’t accept their follower requests and don’t meet them offline.

Don't Just Sit There- Report!: If you or someone you know has been victimized by someone you met online, report them to the police and

Sharing Too Much

Initiate Operation Profile Clean-up:  Scrub your page of everything too personal, embarrassing, and illegal. Those pictures of you passed out next to the empty bottles are not going to look so cool when you star t applying jobs or colleges.

Stop, Think, Put Your Clothes Back OnYou know those pictures of you wearing next-to-nothing and making kissy faces or flexing in the mirror? You might think it’s sexy, but the law doesn’t, so do yourself a favor – don’t send them; don’t forward them.

Protect Your Space:  Use privacy settings and don’t accept just anyone as a friend. Do some investigating – Who are they? Why would you hang out with them?

Trusted Adults

Talk to Your Parents or Guardians, They're Not as Uptight as You Think: Sometimes adults freak out about what you’re doing online because you never tell them anything. Keep them in the loop so they know they can trust you.



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