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Old Navy Safety Event


It’s a Monday morning and your 8-year-old son is walking the short distance from your home to the bus stop down the street. He is approached by a man in a car who asks your son to get in the car with him because he needs help finding his dog. 

Does your son know what to do?

It’s a Friday night and your 12-year-old daughter has earned some screen time after a long week of school. While online, she enters a chat room where someone asks her to send nude pictures of herself.

Does your daughter know what to do?

These real-life situations can happen and we know that sometimes having a talk with your child about child safety can be a scary one. But that talk is important. 

To help parents and families navigate these conversations, NCMEC and Old Navy are gearing up for the upcoming Old Navy Safety Days event. 

“Nothing is more important to our customers than the safety and wellbeing of their children,” says Old Navy Loss Prevention Vice President, Chris Nelson. “I am a parent and now a grandparent and I have been using NCMEC’s safety messaging for years. Today, I provide these materials to my daughter to use with my grandchildren and it is super helpful.”

On Saturday, Sept. 28, we invite you and your children to join us at your local Old Navy store for the big event. Adults can pick-up free NCMEC child ID kits and learn ways they can teach their children about personal safety. At some locations, kids will hear from local heroes, law enforcement and firefighters about ways they can keep themselves safer. Before heading out, your child can grab a NCMEC safety themed activity book so that they can continue to learn more about safety at home!

Volunteers standing in front of a fire truck talking to store patrons

Old Navy Safety Day Event

We always look forward to this event, not only because it is a fun-filled day, but because the information given out could potentially save a child’s life. 

Your 8-year-old son does know what to do to keep himself safer as he is walking to school. He remembers you telling him to say “no” and find a trusted adult.

Your 12-year-old daughter does know what to do to keep herself safer online. She remembers you telling her to first block anyone who approaches her online and makes her uncomfortable then come to you so you can report the incident together.

Give your children the tools they need to keep themselves safer…we are here to help you!

Can’t make it to the event? There are still ways you can help keep children safer!

  • Visit our website for more child safety information.
  • Visit any Old Navy store from Sept. 26-Oct. 7 to make a donation to NCMEC and receive a coupon for a future purchase at Old Navy!

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