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NCMEC's Top Halloween Safety Tips


Between the costumes, masks, and nighttime crowds, Halloween can overwhelm a safety-conscious parent. But fear not! We’ve got some simple advice to help adults prepare to keep kids safer this Halloween.

Check First
Plan out your trick-or-treat route in advance. Try to stay in familiar neighborhoods with well-lit streets. Try adding reflective tape to costumes or candy bags for extra visibility!

Take a Friend
While trick-or-treating with younger children, be sure to walk with them all the way to the door, and do not let children enter a home (even that awesome haunted mansion) unless you are with them.

Be sure that older children trick-or-treat in groups and stay together while out. Encourage them to stay in familiar neighborhoods and have a charged cellphone in case of an emergency.

Tell People No

Help kids beat the tricks while trick-or-treating by instructing them to “Tell people ‘No!’” if someone tries to separate them from the group or take them somewhere without your permission. Have kids practice firmly saying ‘No!’ and identifying adults who could help in emergency situations.

Tell a Trusted Adult

                Has “Can I bring a friend!?” turned into you on your own with 20 kids? Consider enlisting another trusted adult to help keep an eye on the group. 


Download these tips here, and get more parent tips about preventing abduction at

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