The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® coordinates dynamic corporate partnerships that provide vital in-kind and financial support to our operations. We rely on our corporate partners as we craft crucial prevention and safety programming and provide services and support to families, the public, law enforcement, and other professionals to help recover missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent future victimization.

These partnerships have dramatically enriched our efforts and enhanced our results. The stronger they become, the more progress we make in protecting our nation's children.


Since 2003, Honeywell has partnered with NCMEC to educate families about preventing abduction and to empower children to practice safer behaviors, first through its “Got 2 B Safe!” program and now through the innovative safety program KidSmartz®. Honeywell and its employees have taken a leading role in empowering children to learn the skills they need to make themselves safer and has broadened NCMEC's reach into communities and provided new means to educate families.


As a member of the Technology Coalition and Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography, Google is able to fight online child pornography and help NCMEC better serve its mission through Google Grants for Adwords products and donated software like Google Earth Pro.  These services, along with the incorporation of AMBER Alerts into its Public Alerts Platform, have greatly enhanced NCMEC’s ability to efficiently work to help search for missing and exploited children. Additionally, its commitment to making the internet a safer place for all is demonstrated by its Family Safety Center, where you can learn more about family safety basics and keeping data secure.


Since 2011, Facebook has worked closely with NCMEC to combat online child sexual exploitation. By participating in voluntary NCMEC industry initiatives, Facebook is proactive in detecting child pornography on its system and working to prevent continued victimization. Considered a technology leader, Facebook remains on the cutting-edge by developing tools to protect children and sharing best practices with other online companies.

Old Navy

Old Navy and NCMEC have been partnering since 2010, raising awareness about safety as well as vital funds for NCMEC. Through this partnership, Old Navy offers important child safety information and free Child IDs in its fun, family friendly stores. Old Navy's work inspires families to be more safety conscious, understand the risks their kids might face, and recognize the steps they can take to help avoid those risks. Old Navy has also adopted NCMEC's Code Adam program, a protocol for store associates to follow if a child should become missing when in their facility.


Emcor’s dedication to child safety takes many forms. From sponsoring and implementing NCMEC’s Code Adam program to displaying missing child posters on its service vehicles, Emcor believes that keeping kids safer is everyone’s responsibility. Additionally, Emcor recently funded the creation of our digital Child ID kit and safety app, Safety Central, furthering its commitment to keeping our nation’s children safer.


As an advocate for child safety, Lifetouch® is NCMEC’s official provider of Child ID cards, the SmileSafe Kids card. Lifetouch understands that a current photo is one of the single most important resources in the recovery of a missing child. They staff a 24/7 rapid response team to provide current photos of missing children to NCMEC. This team has assisted with more than 1,500 searches, with SmileSafe Kids cards being credited in the recovery of children in 20 states.


Since 2007, Adobe has partnered with NCMEC to leverage computer technology to keep children safer. By donating essential software tools and technological support in addition to funding important prevention education programs like NetSmartz, Adobe has enabled NCMEC to analyze images, create educational content, and improve web content and functionality like never before.


Palantir has donated crucial software, hardware, and engineering resources that have helped NCMEC build IT platforms for key mission-specific teams which enable them to be more efficient and productive in the search for missing children and the fight against child sexual exploitation. Palantir’s unique set of analytical tools are essential to helping locate and rescue missing and exploited children. 


LexisNexis has been a proud sponsor of NCMEC since 1999 and has donated more than $2.8 million to help support NCMEC's mission. Its support has included sponsoring various events including the annual Heroes’ and Hope Awards, a Youth Sports Safety Summit: “Safe to Compete”, the Long-Term Missing Children Summit, and the creation of the ADAM program to raise awareness and locate missing children.


Intel has helped NCMEC leverage advances in data science as a powerful tool to help find missing and exploited children. In partnership with Intel, NCMEC is working to develop a machine learning pipeline to better process and streamline the analysis of CyberTipline reports. In addition to these technological developments, the Intel team has provided critical NCMEC staff with Agile Development and Project Management training, as well as technical consultation on legacy data migration.  


Disney is an important supporter of NCMEC’s online safety program NetSmartz. Disney’s commitment to keeping children safer online extends to the adults and educators tasked with molding a generation of digital natives. In 2015, Disney sponsored NetSmartz’s first online educator training program, “Teaching Digital Citizenship” which enabled NCMEC to reach a greater variety of educators with important online safety teaching tools and strategies.


Pokémon’s work with NCMEC stems from a shared belief that all children have the right to be safe at play. Pokémon has provided generous financial support to critical prevention programming and other NCMEC initiatives that help make the world a safer place for children.