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The COVID-19 crisis has created a unique challenge for families with school closures and government instructions to isolate ourselves. As many of us are now trying to work from home, the reality is that our children are spending more time online and much of it may be unsupervised.

Fortunately, NCMEC has developed many resources to keep children safer online and offline. The collection on this page has been especially curated for our corporate partners. We hope it will help your families stay safe during this challenging time and beyond.

·The KidSmartz program educates families about preventing abduction and empowers kids in grades K-5 to practice safer behaviors with tips, fun activities, music, and videos.

·Young children can watch videos and find activities at Kid in a safe online environment at our NetSmartz Kids website where they will find our brand-new internet safety series, Into the Cloud.

·Our NetSmartz program provides parents with critical information about what risks children face online through a variety of free, age-appropriate resources.

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