Internet Safety Month
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Every June we celebrate Internet Safety Month.

It's a great time to review our online behavior and identify ways we can use the internet in safer ways. 

This year, kids are online more than ever; for education, entertainment, and to socialize with friends. To support you and your family, we've created new resources to help you stay safer online in these unprecedented times.

An Internet Safety Month message from Clicky!

Featured Resources

"Teaching Modern Safety with 
Into the Cloud" Presentation

Presentations crafted for the grades K-2 and 3-5 audience teach important online safety concepts including how to handle cyberbullying, spotting unreliable information, and responding to inappropriate behaviors. These presentations are adaptable to both e-learning and in-class settings.

Into the Cloud Tool Kit

All the "Into the Cloud" season 1 reasources, all in one place for easy download and reproduction. Ideal for group facilitators, parents, and educators.

New Tip Sheet:
Internet Safety at Home

Today's digital safety routine requires a different approach. Check out these easy-to-implement tips and practices for keeping your kids and teens safe while they spend more time online. Dual English-Spanish download.

More from NetSmartz

A safe site for kids! Watch “Into the Cloud” and classic NetSmartz videos, play games, read e-books and more, in a child-safe environment.

Explore Video Resources

Animated and live-action videos, including the new web series “Into the Cloud”, that show students how to apply important safety skills to on- and offline life.

Learn More About Digital Safety Issues

Free Training: Teaching Online Safety

In this program you will learn about digital literacy and ethics, inappropriate content, cyberbullying, online sexual solicitation, online privacy, sexting and sextortion, and finally, you’ll receive tips on how to share your professional experiences with children in age-appropriate ways.

We’ll show you how to teach children to avoid online risks and be better digital citizens using NetSmartz resources for grades K-12.