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Making It Safe For Kids To Compete

Sports should be a fun, safe and enjoyable experience for our children where they can sharpen their skills, make new friends and learn important life lessons.

But sadly, as the Jerry Sandusky case showed us, there remains a constant need to focus our attention on issues of child exploitation in youth sports.

That’s why the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children developed Safe to Compete—a groundbreaking program to help prevent sexual abuse in sports by educating child athletes and parents offering critical access to prevention and training resources. We do this by:

  • Raising awareness about child sexual abuse in sports
  • Offering easier access to prevention and training resources
  • Teaching parents how to talk to their children about sexual abuse

If you have a child athlete in your life, here are some questions you should ask the youth organization about its sexual abuse prevention policies:

  • Does the youth-sports organization conduct a background check on coaches and others who supervise and have access to the children?
  • Are there other adults present, besides the coach, to assist in supervising children during team events and practices, including any off-site travel?
  • Does the team use a locker room for children to dress, and, if so, is there more than one adult present in the locker room when children are using it?
  • Does the team or organization communicate with and notify parents and guardians of the activity schedule?
  • Does the coach pay equal attention to all children?

In addition to public outreach, NCMEC also offers information on background screening and encourages dialogue between youth organizations at both a national and local level.

However, this important child safety program and others like it would not be possible without the gifts we receive from our generous supporters.

If you’d like to help make kids safer through education and action, then please donate today!


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