ADAM Program

ADAM Program


Getting a child’s photo into the public eye is a critical step in the effort to recover a missing child. To meet this challenge LexisNexis®  Risk Solutions partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® to develop the Automated Delivery of Alerts on Missing Children Program, commonly known as the ADAMSM Program.

This program, operating since 2000, uses advanced technology to distribute missing child posters to law enforcement, news media, schools, businesses, medical centers and other recipients within a specific geographic search area.

Through this partnership NCMEC sends a poster with a photo and information about a missing child incident to ADAM, including a geographic area believed to be the search target. ADAM examines a database of all possible recipients of the NCMEC poster and finds those within a designated mile radius of the search area. ADAM then transmits the poster to targeted recipients.

The ADAM Program, powered by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, has helped recover over 177 children through February 2018.

Join the ADAM Program
If you are an individual or business that would like to participate in the ADAM Program visit the ADAM Program website.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. Posters must remain in their original format with NCMEC’s name, logo and toll-free number. For more details read our Terms of Use.

A: This will be based on the number of cases being submitted to the program. (based on information we receive on the possible whereabouts of missing children). The majority of these posters are distributed to the most populated cities and states. 

A: NCMEC uses the ADAM program to distribute posters based on information we received on the possible whereabouts of a missing child.  Highly populated cities tend to receive the most posters.

A: This program is designed to distribute missing child posters where they will be most effective, which is the geographic area where law enforcement believes a missing child may be located.  When you sign up for the ADAM program, we will send you the missing posters for children who are believed to be in your geographic area.  If you would like to view the posters of children who are missing from or believed to be in other areas, visit

A: The posters can be displayed anywhere in your community where people will see them, but be sure to ask for permission before placing a poster on someone else’s property.

A: Yes. NCMEC requests you to retrieve as many posters as you are able to when a child is recovered. In the case of an email distribution we ask that you notify any recipients to the best of your ability.

A: Yes. We ask that you notify any recipients and retrieve any distributed posters to the best of your ability.

A: The next time you receive a poster or recovery alert, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.